Hans Gilbers

My name is Hans Gilbers, born in 1959. I live with my partner in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. I often work in different environments where creativity is important. But first and foremost my heart belongs to drawing, with pen and ink, on paper.

My drawings are characterized by the endless placement of dots. Each point is like a building block with which a house, a skyscraper or a cathedral is built. When I work I can lose myself completely in the world that I build with these dots. It takes me on the road. Every day a little further, all from studio.

The structure forms under my hands, it changes and is adjusted towards it’s completion. And then the time has come: a great work is created, made up of hundreds of thousands, and often more than a million dots.

Recently I have started also to transfer parts of my drawings on to ceramics. This creates a three-dimensional art experience in the interior.

Photo: © 2018 Imre Giesselbach

You can find this monogram on my work. On the art reproductions in the form of an embossment and on the ceramic as a small image. It is composed of my initials and those of my beloved and business partner Imre Giesselbach.