Heart of Gold

This is the first of the Golden Heart series. A work made with different techniques and methods. The basis is the stippling drawing. It is printed on the back of museum glass. At the bottom of the frame is a hand-drawn, unique piece of a Golden Heart. That too is a stippling drawing finished with gold pigments and gold dust. The layered and deepened framing creates a spatial effect. This is also called parallax.

Stippling drawing, black & white on art glass. The heart with golden pigments and gold dust, also stippling art.
Size: 50 x 50 x 3 cm.
Edition: 3 pieces *), exclusively unique and signed exemplaren.
Delivery and price on request.

*) You can claim the only copy of a new work. Then the edition will only be one. Then you will own the only copy that exists in this form. Please contact me without obligation.

See how it is made and how the parallax effect looks like.

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