A dot is . . .

– a point on paper,
– a pixel on your screen,
– a cell in your body,
– a grain of sand on the beach,
– . . .

My work is created dot by dot.

Manual. With a Rotring pen.

Millions of dots that come together in a work of art. The result is so stunning that it pays off.

For me it is the ultimate technique to display layering and subtlety. Skin, clothes, emotion.

It is usually in black and white, because black and white is not just black and white. But because you can play with light and dark a lot with the distance between dots or the thickness of a dot. Millions of dots find their way in a work of art. In a pleasant repetitive slowness it gets more and more value. The value it deserves.

My work calls for following your heart. Calls to recognize the golden heart in the other. Even if it is not always visible. It is what connects us.

In this way the dots in my work are also connected to each other. And me with the dots. Because they enable me to express exactly what I want to express as an artist.