The grandeur of a dot

Special buildings are exciting, impressive and stately. Stability is also an expression of strength for me. Just like in ourselves, there is a personality behind all those immense and sometimes smaller buildings.

Discovering the greatness in yourself is a big challenge for everyone. And it makes you able to recognize the greatness in others. On the way to the grandeur in myself, I direct my life with intentions.

I see my fellow man. And I want to be seen; by myself and by others. Everyone is great, monumental. I experience love and life fully because in recent years I have chosen more carefully. A choice for myself, my talents and abilities. That creates a nice intensity.

Do you feel the same? Determine what is important to you. Start small and expand. A lot of small things together form something larger (stones form buildings, dots form drawings). You are valuable, special, made up of many units, connected to everything and everyone.

You can also be great in vulnerability, with delicate connections or in special structures. You are only really big when you come to yourself and approach the world from your own strength. How beautiful is it to be able to experience that often and more permanently? Then life becomes really big!

I want to amaze you with my art. Showing you that you can feel great without being a megalomaniac, arrogant or unkind. In my art I capture the grandeur of a building, dot by dot. The architecture is interesting, but I mainly let myself be carried away by my feelings. Through my point of view, I succeed in capturing the power, beauty and stability of buildings. Preferably from a special perspective.

I hope to inspire you with my art.