Quality mark

What is a Certified Art Giclée™ ?

The reproductions of the drawings are giclées. 

A giclée is a printing technique with an advanced inkjet printer. This technique is nowadays widely used to make reproductions of artworks. The term giclée comes from the French language and means blastingor misting. The best quality is obtained by high-quality paper, high-quality pigmented inks and the piezo printing technology, so that the ink can be dosed very accurately. The pigmented inks retain their color fastness for up to 100 years or more according to the latest studies.

The Certified Art Giclée ™ quality mark is the European standard for original limited giclée art print editions. The Certified Art Giclée ™ is always provided with a certificate of authenticity with an emboss. All the important details of the edition are stated on this certificate of authenticity. There is an image of the artwork on it, the name of the artist, title, website, edition and the master printer is mentioned. This certificate is also the guarantee for the long shelf life of 100 years or more. 

Certified Art Giclée ™ also guarantees that no more prints are ever produced than has been agreed with the artist. If the number of an edition is 25 then there will never be more than 25 made.

These giclées are made by Re-Art, Fine art printing & editionsin Almere.

Hans Gilbers signs and foliates his work manually. The signature is therefore not printed. He also provides the Certified Art Giclée ™ with his own embossing. This way you are always assured of a unique copy.