… at the drawing board

Creating Stippling art takes a lot of time. After the design sketch, the drawing is built up dot by dot. I placearound 200 dots per minute. A dot of 0.1mm up to 0.4 mm. A drawing often contains more than a million dots. Depending on the size, a drawing can take up to 2 months to finish. 

Transferring the drawing onto ceramic is the next step. This is precise manual work. I use handmade ceramics or I look for suitable existing ceramic with a beautiful shape or appearance. The drawing and the ceramics thus form a coherent whole.

The beginning of stippling art, dot work

Choose my next artwork

The St.Jan cathedral is on the drawing board now, but which special building would you like to have Hans Gilbers draw? Choose for the next project. Make your choice from the list below and let us know. You can win a Certified Art Print ™ size A4. Signed by the artist of course.
Keep in mind: it takes a lot of time to create these drawings. It can take several months before you receive a message.

Photo’s: Edited by Hans Gilbers

Which of the buildings above would you like to see as a dot art drawing? Make your choice and let us know. If your choice is favorite, you have a chance to win a Certified Art Print ™ -size A4- of the favorite building, fully certified and signed (at the value of € 225). Mind this: it takes several months until you get a message. Stippling art takes a lot of time.